How it Works

SIE Europe participants who agree to contribute data will receive access to the aggregated data of all other participants for use in their cybersecurity programs. There is no cost to participate in this community program.

Data sharing participants install and operate instances of the SIE Europe sensor and contribute data on an ongoing basis. Operating a Passive DNS sensor and contributing data is technically straightforward. Since data contributions are derived from cache miss traffic above the recursive, the DNS data does not include personally identifiable information.

The SIE Europe platform ingests, filters, and distributes Passive DNS data to the community participants, all in near real-time. Want to see what’s happening in the global DNS right now? The SIE Europe platform can provide immediate access to real-time data, within Europe, without the need to deploy your own sensors/data collection infrastructure.

SIE Europe activities are conducted in strict compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) and German laws and regulations.